Out of the Depths
The Story of Ludmila Javorova
Ordained Roman Catholic Priest

Crossroad, 2001. Hardcover. 260 pages. $19.95



In the midst of communism, and the persecution of Christians in Eastern Europe,
the life of Ludmila Javorova stands out in beauty and humility.
Called to the sacrament of priesthood she, a woman,
became a prophet to the Catholic Church
at the threshold of a new millennium.

"This profoundly Catholic book has a bonus:
a stunning portrait of a bishop with guts,
Felix Davidek, Ludmila's mentor and the man who ordained her,
despite opposition from the faint of heart.
Davidek is a model of what a people's bishop could become
in the 21st century."

Robert Blair Kaiser, Contributing Editor for Newsweek in Rome

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