Another Perspective


There is something primal about fire, something mysterious about the flame's ability to ignite a spark within us and to link us to the worlds beyond ourselves.  There is something about a candle. 

A microcosm of cosmic light.  
Our kinship with a distant star.  
Prelude to the rising sun when the wavering voice within us says
    there will be no morning after.  
Promise to oneself at night not to be afraid of the dark.  
Bolt of light in a violent storm. 
Vigil lamp in memory of  loved one not returning.  
Radiant witness to life beyond life.  
Beacon illuminating our way.  
Glimmer of hope.  Ray of relief.  
A burning passion to never give up but to live life regardless.  

Everywhere and anywhere, people came together.  They came carrying candles.  Flickering light.  Rippling light. Rivers of light.  Holy light.  Sometimes the only comfort we know is a candle in the wind.

Miriam Therese Winter, 2002

Taken from "Witnessing to the spirit: An Emerging American Spirituality" By Miriam Therese Winter, Medical Mission Sisters 2002

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