Why Sing?
Toward a Theology of Catholic Church Music

The Pastoral Press, 1984. paperback. 346 pages. $11.95

Miriam Therese Winter's Ph.D. dissertation at Princeton Theological Seminary, published in 1984, is one of the early studies of a theology of Catholic Church music and has contributed to subsequent explorations in this area. The book's contents include the following chapters and over 2100 titles in its select bibliography.

Music in the Liturgy: The Problem and its Context
Catholic Church Music: An American Perspective

Vatican II and the Liturgy:
Historical Overview, Theoretical Presuppositions
Vatican II as the Culmination of the Liturgical Movement
Sacrosanctum Concilium: the Liturgy Decree of Vatican II
Theological Aggiornamento
Implementing Vatican II: Liturgical Legislation and its Implications

Vatican II and the Use of Music: An Interpretation
Papal Legislation on Music
Criteria for the Use of Music in the Liturgy
Theological Bases for the Use of Music in the Liturgy

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