The Singer and the Song.
An Autobiography of the Spirit.

Orbis Books, 1999. paperback. 180 pages. $15.00

A Spiritual Book Associates selection for October 1999

Miriam Therese Winter,
an award-winning musician
and four-time Catholic Book Award winner,
shares her experiences of becoming a Sister,
working with starving children in Ethiopia
and with refugees in Cambodia,
of exploring the mysteries of India
and the wonders of God in her own backyard,
of having breast cancer and having hope.
She also illumines new aspects of community,
eucharist, the word and spirit, water and the stars,
spiritual blessedness and much more.

Each chapter is like a short story, complete in itself
but revealing new aspects of the authorís life and vision.
Each one begins with a personal experience
and segues into a spiritual lesson
that will resonate in your mind and heart.
You will come to know Miriam Therese Winter as a friend
and in the process understand more about your own life
and the purpose that God has for you.
From the cover of the book

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