In gratitude for countless Spirit-gifts around us and within us,
this collection for the new millennium
features 22 original songs that celebrate the many ways
God’s living, loving, healing Spirit gives meaning to our lives.
Song titles include:
"All God’s Children," "My Heart is Overflowing," "Angels," "Architect of All Creation," "Heal Our Hearts," "Dream a World,"
"Let Your Light Shine," "Wind of the Spirit,"
and more.
Approximately 73 minutes of music
for inspired listening
or for singing along.

Ideal for groups gathered for ritual and prayer.

Lyrics sample

Compact Disc $12.95

Cassette $9.95

Order from: mms@hartsem.edu

See How to Order for further details

Many of the songs of SpiritSong are published in Songlines: Hymns, Songs, Rounds, and Refrains for Prayer and Praise. Those that are not will be available sometime in the summer of 2000. We’ll keep you posted.

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