Songs of Promise


Three separate recordings are combined on a single cassette.
All three were conceived as settings for the Liturgy.
Mass of a Pilgrim People
was recorded live
at a sellout concert in Carnegie Hall in 1967.
Its premier performance
on the new English translation of the Roman Catholic Ordinary of the Mass
was part of the first ecumenical concert in the history of Carnegie Hall.
Although official texts have since been revised,
the music brings back memories of a time of experimentation and vitality
in the Church.
Songs of Promise
and RSVP depart from the official texts
to express the various liturgical moments in song.
Although times have changed significantly,
individual songs are still relevant and appropriate for congregational use
in a variety of ways.

Compact Disk $10.95

Cassette $7.00 (the original sound track)
Piano/Vocal $3.50 (for all three settings)

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Original sound tracks and the piano/vocal and choral editions of our early albums do not reflect inclusive language. Adjustments have been made to individual songs in subsequent versions.
An Anthology of Scripture Songs and Songlines.

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