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For information on the music book (lyrics, melody, accompaniment) published
with each of the following recordings, click on the title of the collection:
Hymns Re-Imagined / SpiritSong / WomanSong / EarthSong / Remember Me
Sandstone / Songs of Promise/RSVP/Mass of a Pilgrim People / In Love
Gold,Incense, and Myrrh / Seasons / Knock, Knock / I Know the Secret /
Joy is Like the Rain

Hymns, Songs, Rounds, and Refrains
for Prayer and Praise


A collection of 100 compositions for celebrating the liturgy of life
within a formal worship setting and beyond.
Selections from Miriam Therese’s many recordings,
from Joy is Like the Rain through Hymns Re-Imagined,
make this a valuable resource for sung praise on a wide variety of themes.
The book includes lyrics, melody, keyboard accompaniment,
and brief historical notes on the reasons for writing each piece
and has a strong, flexible binding ideally suited to extended use.

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An Anthology of Scripture Songs


This edition of 150 selections
includes the words and music to all the songs on the earlier albums,
plus some songs previously unpublished.
Texts have been altered to reflect a more inclusive language
consistent with the date of publication: 1982.

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