Songs of joy and songs of sorrow
sing in the bittersweet tone of the times.
"Donít Be Afraid,"
"God Speaks,"
"So Full of Song," "Thank You for Today."
A dozen songs of encouragement and hope
that continue to have meaning in our swiftly changing world.


Compact Disk $10.95 ( CD also includes the album Seasons)

Cassette $7.00 (the original sound track)
Piano/Vocal $3.50 (accompaniment with vocal harmonies)

Choral settings of "Beatitudes"(SA, SAB) available for choirs.
Inquire about prices.

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Original sound tracks and the piano/vocal and choral editions of our early albums do not reflect inclusive language. Adjustments have been made to individual songs in subsequent versions.
An Anthology of Scripture Songs and Songlines.

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