Gold, Incense, and Myrrh

    A dozen contemporary Christmas carols written by Miriam Therese Winter
and recorded with full orchestration in classical, madrigal, and folk style.
      SIDE ONE               SIDE TWO                  
      Wonderful!           Silent the Night            
      Child of Morning       Take Courage              
      Christmas Ballad   No Longer Alone          
      He Comes                                
                  O What a Happening!      
      Sing of Birth         Song of Glory                
      In the Beginning     Peace Upon Earth        
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Cassette $7.00 (the original sound track)
Piano/Vocal $3.50

Choral settings of individual songs (SATB only) for choirs.
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Original sound tracks and the piano/vocal and choral editions of our early albums do not reflect inclusive
language. Adjustments have been made to individual songs in subsequent versions.

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